Monday, February 1, 2010


Introductions seem like the thing to do these days. Plus, Brian did it, and I wouldn't want to miss out. Anyway, my name is Jordan Sahlberg, I am a senior at Western Washington University in the Kinesiology program (sports science). Exercise is my life as well as my choice of profession. I love to play many sports, but climbing is my one true passion. I have never been one to love all the rules associated with organized sports (this doesn't mean that I avoid them entirely). Climbing is liberating because it is you vs. yourself. No rules, no referees, just you and the mountains. Anyway, more on that later.

In general, I hope to contribute what I can to this blog. My goals are to record my experiences with injuries, treatments (what worked, what didn't), exercises (goals; what worked, what didn't), and areas of interest (The heart, altitude training, ect.), and general musings.

It should also be noted that Brian and I ascribe to many of the same ideas as far as nutrition and training, but we are very much different. We have different problems as well as slightly different approaches to fitness. Much of this comes from the fact that we are individuals. Everyone responds uniquely to exercise, no one person reacts the same. Ideally, these variances will be represented through our joint contributions as well as the contributions of others. In either case, take what you will.

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