Saturday, January 30, 2010

Workout Jan 30 2010:
I got in the stairwell today for the first time since the Wamu tower race in December where we completely lit up the competition; (You can read about that here)We spend most our time training in the Wamu tower, as its convenience is unmatched because Kevin works on the top floor; today's suffering however, took place in the Seattle Municipal Tower (Picture to our right) Instead.
I put up a respectable time of about 7:40, and was informed that I likely became 1 of only 4 people to break the 8 minute barrier(The others are PJ, Kevin(my brother), and Jesse Berg who is currently ranked number 1 in the US, but that is debatable).

After that 8 or so minutes of lung and leg burning, Kevin and I went back to his place, made breakfast, and later in the day hiked up mailbox peak at a nice slow pace. We summited in 1 hour 30 minutes(far off my record of 1h:04m:56s, but setting records was not todays purpose). All in all it was a good, but somewhat uneventful day.

Todays Stats:
Seattle Municipal Tower: 7:40s (PR, First time in building)
Mailbox Peak: 1:30:00 (approximate, from gate to summit)

Seattle Municipal Tower All time record: 6:59 (Jesse Berg)
Mailbox All Time Record: Unkown, but I have seen no reports of anyone beating my time of 1:04:56, although it is very likely someone out there probably has.

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